Louisville's Digital Inclusion Plan
It’s time to remove barriers to success for our citizens who all need digital access, skills and hardware to obtain jobs, earn degrees, and help make Louisville Metro better every day.

Digital Inclusion Transforms Lives

Increasing Mobility and Attainment in Louisville

The Digital Inclusion Plan will increase socioeconomic mobility and job attainment for residents, and it is a starting point for grant applications as Louisville Metro finds new partners to help us achieve the Plan’s goals. To learn more, download the Plan.

Our Goals

Louisville Metro is using the Digital Inclusion Plan to pursue Mayor Fischer’s larger strategic planning goals for our region in a few ways - especially when it comes to jobs, education, and being a more compassionate city. Whether applying for a job, doing homework, or starting a business, all of our residents need digital skills, tools, and connectivity.

1. Jobs

Job growth is important to our whole region. But it’s not enough to say you’re going to create jobs—we want to create high-wage, creative jobs and inspire the curious, active citizens of Louisville. We’re focusing on these high-wage jobs to improve economic outcomes, especially in West Louisville. Louisvillians also need to have technical know-how and computer access to apply for jobs. To achieve these goals, the Digital Inclusion Plan is going to help close gaps in skills and hardware.

2. Education

You can’t talk about job creation and workforce development without talking about education. The Digital Inclusion Plan is going to support Mayor Fischer’s Cradle to Career initiative so that no matter what age, Louisvillians get the training they need to compete in our 21st century economy.

3. Compassion

In Louisville, we show our compassion through hundreds of thousands of acts each year. Our commitment to digital equity is also a commitment to compassion in service delivery to our community. By making connectivity possible for everyone in Louisville, we’ll enable our citizens to work at higher-wage jobs and access government services they could not otherwise.

Strategic Focus Areas

Louisville will address the digital divide via three key strategic focus areas:
  • Improving Connectivity

  • Teaching Digital Skills

  • Providing Hardware: Work with partners to provide technology and technical support to in-need residents


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